clutch assembly
Clutch cover
Friction clutch as a typical component to transfer and interrupt power transmission, has been widely used in auto transmission system. Among them, the clutch cover is an important part in the clutch assembly. It is mainly used to compress the clutch disc, transfer or interrupt the engine torque and provide overload protection for the whole transmission system;  also it can improve the comfort level of the clutch pedal.
Disc assembly
Disc assembly mainly includes two parts: friction plate and torsional vibration damper. The friction plate transfers engine torque via the friction between the flywheel and clutch cover, and the cushion can help to reduce the impact effectively during vehicle set off and shifting. The torsional damper has effective attenuatioin effect to the engine output torque and rotation speed through spring and damping components.
Self adjusting clutch (SAC)
Self adjusting clutch (SAC) is a new structure of clutch, it can adjust themselves to in use process to compensate the change of clamp load caused by friction wear, to keep the load constant, thus make the clutch torque capacity remain stable.Because the self adjusting clutch  adopts nonlinear transmission straps, it can reduce the separation force, so that the clutch is lighter to operate.
Disc assembly for DMF
Since DMF itself has a torsional shock absorber, the disc assembly matching with DMF only has one friction plate component. Because there is no damper mechanism,  the overall weight and the moment is lighter, can make shifting more easier.
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